evil isn’t just the bad guys in the movies

19 Feb

We live in a world where everything is mashed up. A person can be part Jewish, part Creole, part Chinese. Someone could have a belief system which is a combination of a bit of this and a bit of that. The internet enables to switch cyber identities at the blink of an eye.  But something got lost that was perhaps more apparent in bygone years – good and bad (I’m not God forbid saying that anything was better in previous societies, just that there were more stark definitions)

But we lost sight of something. There is still good and evil in the world. Evil sometimes disguises itself as good and good can be frowned upon as something evil. In all our political correctness, we have lost the ability to label something, or someone as downright evil. It’s almost as if we are victims of our own globalism. For example, terrorism is evil. Call them freedom fighters, call them victims, but terrorism is evil, period. The Satan has a very much favoured disguise – that of ‘poor me’. It’s the supreme ace card, because we can’t persecute a victim, can we? We have to feel sorry for them, and allow them to continue their abhorrent behaviour. Well, perhaps if we were to start seeing things for what they are we might get somewhere near the truth.

But we don’t have to go to extremes of terrorism to identify evil. The powers of evil infect us all the time, even unconsciously. We all have our ‘demons’, so to speak. Self doubt, insecurities, ‘what if….’ and ‘maybe I’ll fail….’ are symptoms of our reaction to the powers around us. Example: my friend X is a very hard working birth assistant. She eeks out a living on the joint income of herself and her husband – with no family support, there is little left at the end of the month and debt is an ongoing challenge she has to deal with. When her clients take her on for a birth and plea poverty when she approaches them for money this is just plain WRONG. And my dear friend X is wracked with feelings of misplaced guilt about the financial situation of others. The ‘poor me’ wails and cries succeed in clouding the real issue – they are STEALING from her. The same way as a person walks into a shop and takes goods without paying.

We are all subject to the wily ways of the Satan. But if we turn to God and ask Him to guide us, perhaps we can find a way. For we certainly can’t do it on our own. We need to turn to that quiet place inside our hearts – that central core that knows how to filter better than any search engine and not be frightened to identify something for what it is; as EVIL.

There are some demons that are stronger than others. For me, the worst demons are the religious ones. I used to be such a nice frum girl and toe the party line to the point that noone could distinguish me from a ‘chozer beteshuva’ or a ‘frum from birth’. And here I am, in dress and in behaviour obviously NOT there any more. But still I can’t come out and say to the world ‘this is me – I’m sorry you have a problem with that.’ I’m still fighting with my demons. I don’t want to let anyone down, especially not my children – after all – I raised them religious and now……..But truth is not about catering to the wants and dictates of religious socieities -we are after all, children of Avraham – groundbreakers by true nature. Questioners, stubborn and unafraid. What happened to us?

I digress. I pray to God to give me the strength as only He can give me to deal with my own ‘bad guys’ and to identify them for who they really are. Only He can help me to help myself.



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