easier said than done

27 Feb

We all talk about faith and religious people throw phrases like ‘God willing’ or ‘heaven forbid’ as if they were sneezing. But to really, really have faith and to ultimately put everything into God’s hands, now that’s easier said than done.

Logic dictates that we must. God runs the world, God is intimately involved in our lives, God wants us to turn to him and is waiting for our dialogue with him. Then why, oh why is it so hard to believe that the outcome of anything at all is up to God and completely not up to us?

I think I mentioned in a recent post that I am on the verge of very serious decisions about directions in my life. When I asked God last night when, where, how oh help me please I’m directionless, I got a simple answer “What is wrong with you that you don’t trust in Me?’ and I ask myself, indeed, what is wrong.

I ask you God today to give me that inner quietness that knows that You are guiding me, holding my hand and showing me the way. I ask you to give me faith.




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