New documentary on Chozrei B’she’ela

28 Feb

I am going through this phase of watching and reading  from ‘chozerei b’sheela’ – with a grain of salt, of course.

Right now I’m finished watching a program that was broadcast on Israeli Tv (I think) ‘chozer b’sheela’  which, interestingly is in English

It was nice to see that the people they interviewed had succeeded in finding themselves and had a positive self-image. The chareidi world, that they had turned their backs on had not destroyed them.

It was also touching to see how the father of the two boys treated them respectfully and had worked to maintain a positive relationship (where was the mother, though??) with them. he is obviously a kiruv rav, which meant that this must have been a very painful challenge for him. He was obviously a man who had some brains and sensitivity, despite being knee-deep in his beliefs.

There was a young man who spoke in Hebrew who had a real light in his eyes. He’d felt so constrained by the world he was in that he felt that if he didn’t leave, he’d commit suicide. Still with one foot in the religious world emotionally and not feeling part of the chiloni world, he felt that his connection with God was still very strong.

There will be more and more people like this leaving the fold. The question is, where do they go to? The secular world isn’t that great, either and has its own fair share of problems. A Godless life is a dead life.

I hope and pray that souls will not get’ lost’, merely get closer to the real God, the God of Truth.


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