children and prophesy

4 Mar

We are so busy satisfying our own egos that we are failing to teach our children how to be real people. We have an agenda of ‘education’ based on all of the things we failed to achieve in our lives, or perhaps wishing them to mirror us so we feel validated; religiously, socially, creatively, educationally…but wait….the crux of the matter is missing! A child has to be taught how to converse with God; how to feel from that calm place within what is RIGHT.

We need to give the child the intuition by asking the child, is God with you now, do you feel His presence? It’s something that children have access to much more easily than we do. I have started to talk to my children more about God and how they need to ask themselves, what does God want from me now? And funnily enough, they are starting to help me find my way, too.




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