welcome to the roller coaster of life

8 Mar

Hi this is God. I want to welcome you aboard my Roller Coaster of Life. I guarantee you, you will have incredible ups, when you feel like you’re reaching the sky, when your chest is tight with the very pleasure of existence, when you inhale my presence and feel my sweet caress. And then, there will be downs, twisting and turning, at breakneck speed. Your breath will get caught in your throat, you’ll grip the handlebars in terror and barely have time to pray for redemption before the next twist comes along. You will feel like you are about to faint in terror, as My Roller Coaster takes you through seeming impossibilities and somehow you make your way out in one piece, not really understanding how or why. It’s OK. I designed it, in fact I’m driving it. All I ask for is for you to

1.Hold on tight. I am the rock of your salvation and I won’t leave you.

2.Understand that you are not directing or driving the roller coaster, and climbing out of your seat to somehow alter the course or the mechanism is never a good idea. Each time the bend and curve come around, the second you accept the fact that it’s not you, it’s ME, then you can hold on to the handlebar a little tighter and perhaps, even enjoy the ride.

3.Know that a roller coaster is a time-limited experience. It’s not the ‘real’ world. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. The real world is My World and it’s beyond your imagination.

4.Know that I designed this roller coaster especially for you, and for no one else. It’s a gift from Me.

‘I will make My mountains into roads, and all My paths will be uplifted (Isiah 49:11)


One Response to “welcome to the roller coaster of life”

  1. אברהם March 11, 2012 at 7:43 am #

    So if for no good reason you’ve been feeling like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster lately, you may just have an excuse.


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