in search of gratification

13 Mar

It’s that neverending thirst that makes us different from animals. We are not content to just eat, sleep and procreate. There has to be more to life….

A person who loses themselves in their passion, whatever that passion is…sculpture, writing, a lover, or even the pursuit of helping others… trying to fill that missing hole inside themselves.

But God wants to be the one to fill that gap. He is there, ever present and He longs to be part of our struggle. And when we turn that thirst into a burning desire to be close to Him, then, no matter where we are in life, that divine ‘spark’ leads us like a flashlight.

We will never get ‘there’ – even in our search for God. Every day is a blank page and a fresh script but we have to understand where that longing is coming from and direct it accordingly. We need to acknowledge that every longing and desire to fill those holes in our lives must be directed towards God. He is there, not a distant figure dishing out rules and punishments, but a living, speaking, understanding God. He listens and He talks. We just need to tune into His channel.


Mishlei ((6:30-33) talks about the difference between a thief and an adulterer. A thief will take something that is not his, but if caught, ‘will pay sevenfold’. But an adulterer, however cannot repay the damages, for his soul has been ‘destroyed’. We take from this world without connecting to our divinity, and that is human. But if we lose our own essence in the pursuit of anything that is not Godly, that is, we devote our entire energies into a form of gratification to the point that we become one with it, then we are beyond hope. Eventually, Mishlei says, the jealous husband returns and his anger knows no mercy. The jealous husband is God, our creator – for our betrayal (to ourselves) is ultimately the source of our demise. The earth is inhabited by many who I would label ‘the living dead’. They have lost their divinity in this world whereas their mission was to find it.

Let us not share such a fate.



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