enter the calm

27 Apr

We get so caught up in our thoughts and then we lose track of where the rule truth is, where the Godliness is…it’s in that calm place. It’s in that place of acting (or not acting, as the case may be) upon a deep inner intuition, a Godly intuition of doing what’s right. Not to be confused with ‘what feels good’ – we’re all looking to run away from problems and stay within our comfort zone because that is just temporary numbing, a dose of painkillers that eventually wear off. The calm is being with Hashem and allowing ourself to remain there. That calm touches those around you, more than a million words. Don’t you sometimes notice that a person can accept what you are seeing because they know ‘it came from the right place’?

We need to locate that place, feel the warmth of quietness of that place and remain there. And that place is not dependent upon getting ‘what we need’ in life, it is a place of connection, no matter what.



Shabbat Shalom.


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