unpleasant news in the Orthodox Jewish World

30 Apr

Maybe I’m the last one to wake up and smell the coffee, but I fell upon a rather disturbing documentary posted on YouTube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbXqOOPYYrg  about the plight of Yeminite Jews who are ‘rescued’ by Satmar Chassidim and brought to the US (well away from the ‘Evil Zionist Entity’) only to be left to deal with the authorities while their kids are taken into ‘custody’ of Satmar families. The poor families don’t speak a word of English (or Yiddish) and, judging from the documentary, it’s downright abuse of innocents.

But there is nothing new under the sun – combine that with corruption, sexual abuse and filthy politics one could turn all this voyeurism of the misdemeanors of orthodox Jews into a religion, God forbid.

What does God want to teach me when he opens my eyes to this?

Belonging to a religious group does not necessarily equate fear of God. Real fear of God. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. Belonging to a group may give a feeling of religious self-righteousness and superiority which allows us to commit atrocities akin to those that were committed against us.

God is the only answer.

How often do we have that feeling that there are eyes that are watching, and ears that are hearing us, in every corner of our lives? I don’t want to sound like a Teshuva lecture; that’s far from the point. God is our parent, and the same way that the parent is wanting and willing for their child to do the right thing, God has infinite patience with us. But we have to know he is there. With us. All the time.

One day all the flags of the groups and movements we affiliate ourselves with, or hide behind will be removed. We will be naked and exposed.

So let’s think of Who we fear the most.


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