there are those who are worse off than me…..

29 May

my dear darling sister

we’ve been through so much

your world is changing

but you’re still out of touch.

I try to show you

the writing on the wall

but you cling on to your nonesense

grasping at straws before you fall.

Your ‘precious’ -what will be?

You say only religion can save them

Yet you can’t lock them up

(nor can you blame them)

I wish I could help you

but you really don’t want it

I would love to show you God

but you won’t budge a bit.

So frown on my jeans and my ‘open ways’

Clutch your little ones near

And put mechitzot on your pathways

Yes, I may be ‘lost’ (like the rest of mankind)

We’re all handicapped, deaf and blind……

But, dear sister, I know one thing ……

God is there, he’s with us and he’s waiting.











One Response to “there are those who are worse off than me…..”

  1. avraham benemanuel May 29, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Leave it to God. trust him and believe that he loves and cares for all our brothers and sisters no less that how he cares and shows you.
    Don’t take responsibility for others especially not spiritual responsibility.
    As much as it hurts, those who haven’t felt the pain of missing God, can’t find him.

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