17 Jul

Complaining is easy. ‘Getting by’ and quetching every now and then, while half the time you are resentful and half the time you lie to yourself that ‘it isn’t that bad’ is, whilst uncomfortable, easier than uprooting everything and moving to the unknown. We have such a fear of it, and it’s the fears that stop us becoming who God wants us to be.

Well, I am taking the brave step into the unknown and I thank God for clearing the pathway somewhat. I know that I am taking myself with, along with all my weaknesses, my fears, my egotism, my motherly ego. All that has been packed along with the packing boxes. Here’s hoping that somehow that baggage gets lost upon the way.

I thank God for giving me courage and strength. I thank God for allowing my to break away from my need for approval from others and I thank God for giving me those loved ones who always fill me with strength (you know who you are!). The wicked will continue to try to trip me and grab onto my weaknesses and I hope and pray that one day I will be able to  look them levelly in the eye and say “Do you have a problem with me? Because I most certainly don’t have a problem with myself.”



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