To do or to be

4 Aug

Today’s thought……

We are so automatically pre-programmed to DO. We always want to know what we should do, how, when etc, we even spend our lives running to people in order that they should tell us what to do.

But what if we were to ask God bout our doing and he would say ‘you’ve got it wrong! Stop doing and start BEING! Be with Me in everything you do, with a pure heart, in spirit and serenity. The doing will follow.’




One Response to “To do or to be”

  1. Eddie October 7, 2012 at 5:53 am #

    I concur with what you said.

    We must remember that we are human-beings not human-doings.

    Perhaps that’s the message behind shabbat (or at least one of them). Once every 7 days, we should stop doing, and practice just being.

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