15 styles of distorted thinking

1 Sep

15 styles of distorted thinking

I realized yesterday that, as a human being with weaknesses and frailties, worsened by a desire to do what is right in the eyes of ‘everybody’ there is NO WAY I can trust myself. I will never know whether my decisions (even if their outcome is good) come from completely ‘pure’ motivations. I am tainted by the fact that I am human, and in my constant struggle to overcome the evil in and around me, I will still continue to fail. That is when I go back to the one simple truth; trust in Him. Noone else. I cannot trust myself and I ask Him to save me from myself time and time again. 

Interestingly, I came across this article which serves to emphasize how we are all the victims of faulty thinking. God is the only truth and let Him guide us.



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