just singing my morning praise……..

12 Oct

When we have problems and travails, it’s easy for the problem itself to blot out your entire view of the world; everything is shaded by ‘OK. But what will be if….’ or ‘that’s all very well, but that doesn’t solve my problem of x,y and z’

No but that’s not it. It’s hard for us to put our ‘spiritual’ heads on, but there’s something incredibly whole about being broken. Not only that, it’s something that God wants from us. Our offerings to him, in a day where there is no Beit Hamikdash are tears, pain, worry, fears, sprinkled with a few frustrations. These are God’s precious fruits. Don’t ask me how and don’t ask me why. But I know they are precious to Him. The good and the bad have to be given back, for nothing is ours.

So I thank you God, this morning for giving me this insight and for constantly reminding me of Your presence in my life. I thank you for the air I breathe, and another morning in this amazing universe, that constantly fills me with wonder. I thank you for the loved ones around me. I thank You for the gifts you have given me that are too numerous to mention – even the gift of being able to sing Your praise eloquently! I thank You for the love You given me, in knowing that I am never truly alone. I know that none of these were given to me because I was deserving. Quite the opposite. I had nothing when I came into this world; and like a new-born baby, I am still wholly dependent upon You for everything You give me.

I pray you will continue to grant me calmness of spirit, and you will stop me from giving that part of me that belongs to You to anything or anybody else.


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