Just say ‘No’ (God does, too!)

24 Oct

The current generation is under the mistaken belief that it is their divine duty to ‘give the best’ to their kids. This means doing their utmost to shield their children from discomfort or disappointment. So it is now not an uncommon scene to see a parent and a young child in a supermarket with the child clutching some candy/toy etc that we know for sure was the ransom for some act of extreme blackmail. I even see it at the checkout – the parent will do ANYTHING to avoid a scene.

Well, if we learned from God’s example we wouldn’t have any problems saying ‘no’ when necessary. After all, God said ‘no’ to Moses who for his entire life longed to set foot in the Holy Land! God has been saying ‘no’ to us for generations. Not out of spite or meanness, but because, as every loving parent does, God has to set boundaries for us.

We sometimes say ‘no’ because we can’t possibly bear the discomfort of a tantrum, resentment and anger of that child. After all, he won’t thank us for it at the time (and perhaps not even later, either).

And we, like children, respond to the ‘no’s’ of God by turning our back on him, questioning His existence, taking it personally, regretting our good deeds (‘oh, so this is how God rewards me!’) and all in all, denying the fact that these are the no’s of the best Parent in the world. We turn our back on Him in a tantrum and even when he demands ‘return to me!’ we refuse. If only we understood not to take it personally, but to take it lovingly and then, only then can we give our children the type of love they really need.


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