evil in our midst

16 Dec

If you don’t blog and blog then you stop blogging. Sounds simple but it’s really true. I have thoughts going through my head and just as I’m about to log in….ooops, another thing needs taking care of.

The US is reeling from an attack on a school that defies human comprehension. When evil shows it’s face, the terrror of it is searing. And we ask ourselves….how?

God is once again showing us that we don’t have the answers. Once upon a time we looked to America as if it was the place that the world should look to; the land of the free. But it seems that this freedom is actually imprisoning America’s own people. People who pose a danger to society can roam around, armed with firearms and practice their own form of ‘freedom’. Indeed, a euphemism for a terrorist that the West likes to use is ‘freedom fighter’.

The banner that has been long waved by the West of ‘liberty’ is forming a tight noose around the necks of those who dare to wave it – I can’t afford it but I’m ‘free’ to buy it, quacks, nuts and terrorists have the ‘freedom’ to have their own opinions, children exercise their ‘rights’ against their own parents…..where will it end?

God is showing us clearly that the things that stand between us and Him, those we clutch to us as if they were the most precious thing on earth do not exist. They do not protect us from evil and harm. If we run to religion then we run to a world that has it’s own insular evils; insularity, fear, shame , guilt  and those who are clad as ‘holies’ who use ‘holiness’ for their own ends. There is no utopia, for the ego will not allow it.

It is time to let go of the worst ego of all, the ego that ‘knows’ the ego that ‘is in control’, the ego that trusts in anything other than in God.

It’s not something anyone told me, and it’s not something I read anywhere, it’s just a strong feeling inside, a feeling that is right. God isn’t asking anything complicated from us; no hocus pocus, no ritualistic nonesense, no ‘chosen’ leader; God has his hand outstretched to us and he wants us to take it.

He wants us to walk with Him.

Walking with him means realising that without him I cannot and will not find the right path. Without him, I am nothing. Whatever I have, it is because of Him and compared to Him I am limited, helpless, hopeless and pitiful.

I am a lost cause.

When I look at the hopelessness of the world around me, when I look at the chaos, the evil of a man shooting innocent schoolchildren on a crazed whim,  I look to the heavens and say, God, don’t leave me. You have all the answers. I have none.


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