take that weight off your shoulders

2 Mar


However hard it is to have faith, not having it is, in my opinion a lot harder. Fancy having to deal with each and every problem you have ALL ON YOUR OWN? I can imagine it being something like this…..

And at this point God says ‘you want to do it on your own? Be my guest.’

If I choose to toss and turn, and worry and fret or to run away from my issues by burying myself in something else God won’t try and stop me but in this I have decided to go ahead without Him. And being without God is basically illustrated in the picture above; a futile, fruitless endeavor.

I like to envisage myself like a small child who is with his mother on a walk. The mother holds the child’s hand and gently guides the child away from prickly thorns, snakes, quicksand and all sorts of other dangers. Then all of a sudden the child decides to have a tantrum and kick and scream, right there, in the middle of the beautiful walk. The mother, however, being a calm and competent mother stands there waiting for the child to calm down, holding out her hand.

God waits for us. He is there, patient and he wants us to reach out our hand so He can grasp it and guide us.


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