why religion?

6 Apr

As the days go by, I feel myself more and more distanced fromreligion. Not just chareidi Judaism, orthodoxy or any other streams of Judaism but also tbe blind rhetoric of world religion. I simply feel that no individual, group,society or body can possibly claim to have a monopoly on God. 

Yet I spent 15 years of my life dedicated to the chareidi way of life. I was unquestioningand dedicated, striving to ‘do the right thing’ – how can it be that now I see the precepts of this religiosity asnothing more than a design to use fear and pressure to keep the power over the masses in the hands of a few individuals?

I am currently typing from an android and am finding that my fi nger is doing half-speed tomy thoughts so I will, God willing continue these thoughts and musings when I get to  my laptop.


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