may God give me peace of mind as I write

22 Apr

Usually when I write a blog I have some kind of spiritual idea I wish to convey. The problem is right now I am right down bogged down again in this mysterious, frustrating, saddening and maddening world and am finding it hard to reach out to the One, who with one pull of His Hand can unravel this huge mess (or mess as I see it).

1. The Boston Marathon: evil rears its head and as much as I try to move on, it looms like a dark fog over me – my thoughts are with those who have lost life, limbs and loved ones. The evil is incomprehensible, senseless and overwhelming.

2. Dealing with evil in my own personal life – dealing with those who wish to do harm simply because they can and those who stand by and watch simply because they don’t have the backbone. It’s like having my head  pushed under water, being given a few seconds to breathe and then being pushed under again. 

3.Having two good friends going through the hell of divorce like I did. It’s hard to watch them make mistakes but you can only learn through them. It’s just a sea of pain, really. Divorce, whatever way you look at it, is hell.

4. Dealing with change once again. We are relocating and I have my fears, who doesn’t.

I could add a few more things, like trouble raising kids and finances and…and…and…

But the more numerous my irks become the more God tells me, gently, in only the way that God can


many problems……one answer

It doesn’t matter where you go, God is there. He is the one. There is no mess. It is just the mess of my mind that refuses to believe that God will help me. The same part of my mind that refuses to remember the countless times when he already did.



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