moving (again)

4 May

We have just moved. Again. This is the third time in two years. Should I say I wish it was the last? No, actually not. I hope that we can stay here for as long as God wants us to. I hope that this will be a base for us to grow with Him and for Him. The idea of being rootless doesn’t scare me because my roots have to be in something permanent. And nothing in this world is permanent.

Moving is just tiring, that’s all. It demands total focus – numerous problems to be solved and that shaky question of ‘where will I be next year, in two year’s time?’

Somehow during this move I found my head and heart in two different places. I was oddly detached from everything, but we succeeded in having the apartment up and running within a couple of days.

My heart was saying ‘this isn’t where it’s at’. I’ve been there, planning and designing the ‘perfect home’, giving thoughts as to what is the ideal neighbourhood, street etc for me and the kids. I did it, I even moved in. But God threw me yet another one of H

is curve balls and showed me how all of my petty calculations were really a waste of time. My new beautiful home was exactly the opposite of what I intended it to be; a place of insecurity and unsureness – a place where I didn’t feel accepted and didn’t feel, well, at home.

I moved out a year later and left the town. It was probably the best thing I’d done in years. I thank God for that.

9 months later, we’ve moved again to a different part of town. Once again it was plain as plain could be that it was time once again to move.

As human beings on this earth we are never static, our thoughts, words, and actions are forever in motion. So really, what we call a base is unimportant. The importance is to have the broader, all encompassing base of faith that God will ultimately take us to where we need to go. If we let him.


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