איך מתקרבים לאל…

18 May

My rough translation of Louisa’s latest blog posting:

How do we get closer to God in simplicity?

God is just waiting for us to come to Him, and He can take care of us; there is no need for us to be ‘worthy’, no need for specific conditions such as sacrifices or mitzvot, no need to make ourselves religious or spirituals or even kabbalists, no need for us to learn or become teachers, or to climb ladders of spirituality or become members of a certain group; we should just allow Him and He will come to us in simplicity.

If we are afraid of losing control or are worried that we will seem weak or lost, or confused about all of the theories that are circulating around about Him, we should ask for help from God and He will help us.

The first step is to desire it, for God doesn’t come in to our lives uninvited by forcing His way in – we choose to want Him in our lives.

The second step is to ask God to give us eyes that will see Him in spirit, becausewith our earthly eyes we see Him in a distorted way: God, give me eyes that see You by my side now.

The third step is to ask for ears that will hear Him, because our with our earthly ears we can only hear foreign and confused voices: God, give me ears that only hear Your voice.

The fourth step is to ask for faith that He is really here for us, for we are used to thinking that He doesn’t care, that He is a strict master, or that he simply doesn’t exist: God give me faith in my heart to believe.

The fifth step is invite God into our hearts in order to be active in our lives, for we are used to being far from Him: God , I don’t want to be an orphan, I want You as my father.

The sixth step is ask God to heal our aching  souls and clean us from our collective guilt, God forgive me for I have sinned, and fill me with your loving kindness, without cost.

The seventh step is to venture to begin to read the Tanach, the same one that we were tested on in our matriculation exams, and that we didn’t understand and we just wanted to forget as quickly as possible out of boredom: God give me your holy spirit to understand Your words, open Your world to me in order for me to get to know You.

That’s it, that ‘s the miracle,  the ball is in your court right now.

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