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Tunnel Vision – Lies and Reality

12 Jun

Tunnel Vision – Lies and Reality

Learning this in one of my classes. Very true.


reaching your goals…..

11 Jun

Last night I attended a talk given by someone who, as a child had been told that ‘nothing would become of him’ and who later became not only extremely successful in his own right but also started ‘helping’ others to reach their goals. The man had a relentless thirst for pushing himself and others beyond what seemed their physical limits, the extent to which he trained alongside a blind man who eventually competed in the olympics.

I don’t have an issue with people who won’t take no for an answer. We have no knowledge of what we’re really capable of, and what we think we’re capable of is probably merely a fraction of what we could accomplish. I also don’t have an issue with the motto ‘never give up’.

But we have to be mindful that the mere exercise of pursuing our goals and living our dreams is not the purpose of life. Moreoever, those who reach the top of mount Everest, complete their first marathon, write their first book or whatever it may be usually stop, rest (perhaps even pass out) and then ask themselves, ‘OK, what next?’

The pursuit of goals and then their ultimate accomplishment is never what fills us. It is an ego, like all other egos. For this man, the ego was that of helping others and being able to tell people ‘look what I did’ – yes, his ego definitely accomplished things. But after he showed us the 80th slide on his endless speech, most of the audience probably sussed that he was, indeed, very stuck in this ego.

When we do something, whatever it is, however noble it is if we do it in a vacuum ie. without God by our side then it is vain and futile. Yes, you may ask, where would the world be without those stubborn flagbearers, who won’t stop until they achieve their goal. This is a separate question. Egos are necessary in the world. But if we are not mindful of them, they will take us over, body and soul.

God put us into this beautiful garden of Eden to seek him. We can stop and smell the flowers, bask in the sunshine, fish in the pond and pick fruit from the trees but our vital quest is the search of God. Once we have found him, He will give us the keys to harnessing all the energies we have in the right direction and not allow ourselves to be ruled and dominated by our own egos. But He is the only one with the keys.

There is a litmus test in all of this – if your life’s pursuits albeit career, sport, music, founding organizations that help others, once accomplished leave you with a need to fill yourself up again with higher goals then you are worshipping a foreign god. The real God makes us complete in our incompleteness and whole in our brokenness. Yes, we can do good things, wonderful things but if He isn’t holding our hand the entire time, then it is better for us to sit back and do nothing.


religion – the bad parent

4 Jun

An interesting exploration into the nature of religious dogma and doctrine, and the systematic abuse that takes place in the name of religion.
The author is an atheist and I am most certainly not. However, I feel that the points he makes are very valid and that we should always seek God in our ‘adult’ state (you’ll see the video, or others in his series to understand this concept).