things I know

7 Jul

OK we read these all the time, the so called ‘street wisdom’, but I felt that it was in place to write a few truths that God has shown me;


1.God is a patient teacher. If you don’t learn your lesson the first time, He’ll teach you it over and over again in different shapes and forms ’till you’ve got it.

2. Don’t ever think you’re there, however. The second you think you’re there, God will throw you into another rabbit hole, reminding you all the time that without Him, you’re nothing.

3. Don’t trust anyone who speaks in the name of God. God has tailor made His messages to each and every one of us. He knows how each of us are unique, He made us that way. If you feel God’s spirit in something, go with it, if you don’t, keep far, far away

4.No situation in and of itself is bad – it is as bad as we perceive it to be. Don’t bemoan circumstance, ask God what you should do with it.

5. Don’t underestimate how much you are influenced by those around you. You cannot put yourself into a hermit’s cave and ignore it, but you should be aware that you cannot and will not fight against the currents of friends, society, environment etc without God pulling you along.

6.Question everything. We are programmed to believe that if a+b results in c that means that if we follow formulas and logic the outcome will go according to plan. There is no such thing as according to plan. We become frustrated for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that our rationalist logic dictates that ‘it should be that way’. Forget should. Accept God’s will to be in the picture and bless Him for it.

7. No one ever said we deserve anything. In fact, anything we have is a gift.

8. The gifts God gives us are not ours, they’re His.

9. Our greatest enemy is our ego. It has no place in this world, even if it ‘seems’ to accomplish things. Beware that you are living side by side your adversary and never give up the fight.


feedback? comments? any additions to the list? Feel free.


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