a ‘misunderstanding’

22 Aug

We live in a world of euphemisms. It is not politically correct to call a person a liar, evil, manipulative or anything negative. In short, we try to treat on each other’s toes in order not to offend anyone’s ‘sensitivities’.

There is a place for this, I agree. When there are two opposing viewpoints and a third party is trying to get them to agree (there has to be a compromise somewhere) it is a very useful tool to rewrite or readjust the other person’s script.

When dealing with children we are working on the basis that they are but children and that their self-esteem and self-evaluation skills need to be developed, so rather than saying a child is pudgy we encourage them to eat better and exercise more, for example. When dealing with children, it’s always advisable to use words that build rather than words that might potentially destroy.

But last night I heard the word ‘it was a misunderstanding’ and my blood started to boil. I knew the truth. There was no other way of looking at it, it was a question of lies and manipulation. In this case, the other person had deliberately chosen to misunderstand something and consequently lied which meant that others misunderstood him!! The lie starts when you lie to yourself, and continues when you lie to others based on the lie you tell yourself. The word ‘misunderstanding’, unless it has ‘deliberate’ written before it, is a lie in itself.

God is God of truth and honesty. God is a God of righteousness and justice. God can see through lies and manipulations and God will ultimately judge the liars of the world and they will have no words or excuses to hide behind.


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