get refusal is just an illustration on how lost orthodoxy is….

24 Aug

I read the article on Rabbi Avraham Meir Weiss refusing to give a get to Gital Dodelson and after having read all the comments my blood started to boil. I read these stories and I peruse the feedback, with halachic banterings and ‘there are always two sides to the story’ and think ‘where is God in all of this?’

First let’s get some points clear

1.Either the point of halacha is to be a system for Jews to follow in the pathway of Hashem, to become a light to the nations, to lead the goyim or it’s not.

Let me clarify – when one person restricts another person’s basic rights in the name of God, which include to remarry then the moral and humane side of orthodoxy seriously comes into question. If we are supposed to be a ‘light to the nations’, then how is it that in a democracy such as Israel or America countless men (and women)  abuse system in order to infringe on another’s basic human rights? The non-Jews don’t do it, so why do we?

2. I don’t care how many sides there are to this story, if Mr Weiss has his differences with his wife, he can resolve them AFTER he has let her go free. A get is not a weapon for coercion and blackmail, nor should it ever be.The more opinions you read the more the basic issue gets diluted – no one should hold a person’s basic rights back in the name of whatever it is (unless that person is a danger to society). He wants custody of the child, I understand. Well, he can get in line with all of the other hundreds of thousands of people seeking custody who do not have a get at their disposal as a means of coercion.

Where is God in all of this, where is truth? Does God smile upon the Batei Dinim who issue their statements, does God care if the husband or wife are from respectable families that go back to matan torah or not?

Bullying is bullying. If it’s in the name of the Torah, Halacha, Islam, Christianity or not it is NOT the way of God. God does not bully, God whispers in our ears and all of us know, deep down inside what is the right thing to do.


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