The Wonders of SSL or DEAR

6 Oct

It’s one of those things I’ve been to lectures about, pondered about but never dared do anything about…..

SSL= Sustained Silent Reading or otherwise known as”

DEAR= Drop Everything And Read

But today I roamed into unchartered territories and got my class to do this rather simple yet somewhat neglected activity.

I announced that we were going to do “SL” for a grand total of 7 minutes and wrote SL on the board in large capitals. I gave them a simple text to read (that had reading comprehension questions accompanying it) and counted down from 10 to 1.

And lo and behold.


Total focus.

And everyone was doing it.


There is evidence that SSL does a heck of a lot on a cognitive level (you can do a look-up on the internet yourself). My own ‘action research’ showed that

1. It was a relaxing activity for an active class and it got the class focused.

2. It was a good opportunity for students to work entirely on their own and thus become more self-aware.

3. It was a great way to read for reading and not necessarily for obtaining information – and I think these are probably two different ways of reading.

4. Perhaps they even enjoyed reading?

I’ll think of more later.

Yes, I would recommend this as a refreshingly different class activity!





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