being incomplete is part of being with God

29 Dec

Being incomplete is a quintessential part of being human. We are incomplete in our sullied, tragically flawed personalities. We are incomplete as our egos wage their perpetual war on our Godly selves. Our incompleteness reflects itself in how we view the world around us and the people around us – we long for things we can’t have, we crave to live lives that aren’t ours and we seek to change things that are immoveable. We set forward endless goals, as if they will be an answer to our restless misery.

But there’s a reason why God made us incomplete. For that fragment of ourselves that simply isn’t ours is God’s. We pray for wholeness and we pray to Him. He is there, and he may not supply us with whatever it is we perceive will complete us but he will accept us in our imperfections, he understands our longings and his outstretched hand will give us reassurance and hope. Because it is only then that we realise that being incomplete is part of our humanity. In this life, at least, it is completion.

God has his own incompletion. His incompleteness lies in the fact that we don’t connect with him, we don’t talk to him and we don’t reach out for him. The relationship is a two-way one. We are far too busy running after our missing pieces to realise that.

God, please accept my broken self. Heal me in my pathetic yearnings. Let me sense that there is only one completeness, and that is when my spirit is united with yours.


One Response to “being incomplete is part of being with God”

  1. Avraham BenEmanuel January 1, 2014 at 12:50 pm #

    We are all that missing piece that God whats so much to come back and be one with him.
    This blogger like most miss the real connection in life is to God, but the overall idea is right.

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