The One Size that Definitely Does Not Fit All

3 Jan

I recently was a the dentist having a temporary crown refitted as one had fallen out. I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that we’re all so different that even our teeth are different, even if they do precisely the same job as everyone else’s. 

Taking a bird’s eye view, a sociologist’s view or anyone else’s view we might all be remarkably similar in habits, looks, behaviour- you name it. Yet we are all so fundamentally different. Because God made us that way.

I ponder on my old friends who still remain in the religious world, whose children are rejecting the ‘beauty of orthodoxy’ or who themselves have internally rejected so many aspects of it, that they are literally clinging on to a life raft of appearing externally religious. It is simply a sham. So much pain in the name of something that was so fresh and promising at the beginning.

I think it’s like our teeth. There is no single prescription for our spiritual ills. If anyone things they can take that ‘one size fits all’ and stretch it or tighten it so it looks like it fits will soon be flailing in something which will inhibit them. Anything that offers itself to ‘everyone’ is distinctly suspicious.

We came in alone, we’ll go back to God alone. Let’s find our fit together with him, our individual, hand-molded fit from our Maker who made the mold itself.


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