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How much do we know? How much do we understand?

15 Mar

How much do we know? How much do we understand?

I recently read a paper concerning how one can measure knowledge, achievement and ability. It is indeed a very interesting philosophical debate.
I have always asked myself what God has to say about knowledge and intelligence in general. Do we become better people by knowing and understanding more? Is it at all helpful to learn and understand in order to walk in God’s ways?
I think the answer lies in the concept of us actively being the children of God. A child is intellectually just as capable as an adult, but he or she needs a parent or caregiver to guide him or her. We are capable, but we shouldn’t believe in our own capabilities. If our knowledge and intellect causes us to turn away from God, then we are just as dumb as the next person. If we use knowledge and intellect to ‘intellectualize our ego’ then we are equally doomed. But if we seek to understand and at the same time realize that we know nothing, and realize that whatever we know is the equivalent to whatever we own, ie. that it all belongs to God then we are on a better path towards walking with God rather than away from Him.


lonely climber

13 Mar

lonely climber

I am alone, like the climber who made it to the top whilst my companions succumbed to frostbite and exhaustion. I look down and I sense how everything below looks so tiny and insignificant. I feel cold and scared. I begin to doubt my own inner resources- maybe I’ll stumble, maybe the elements will gain control? I have almost forgotten why and how I got here, I’ve forgotten that it was God holding me and carrying me the whole way. It wasn’t because I was fitter than the others, nor was it luck. It was God, as always.
But why then do I feel alone and abandoned? Why do I not look up at the heavens instead of down below at mankind in his insignificance? Why am I giving in to fear and it’s evil consequences?

God, I fear no one but you.
God, I thank no one but you.
God, I trust no one but you.
God, you lead me to this lonely place in order for me to sense your presence and I will long for none by my side but you.
God, just as you lead me here, you will lead me back.
I am waiting for you to take my hand and lead me.