lonely climber

13 Mar

lonely climber

I am alone, like the climber who made it to the top whilst my companions succumbed to frostbite and exhaustion. I look down and I sense how everything below looks so tiny and insignificant. I feel cold and scared. I begin to doubt my own inner resources- maybe I’ll stumble, maybe the elements will gain control? I have almost forgotten why and how I got here, I’ve forgotten that it was God holding me and carrying me the whole way. It wasn’t because I was fitter than the others, nor was it luck. It was God, as always.
But why then do I feel alone and abandoned? Why do I not look up at the heavens instead of down below at mankind in his insignificance? Why am I giving in to fear and it’s evil consequences?

God, I fear no one but you.
God, I thank no one but you.
God, I trust no one but you.
God, you lead me to this lonely place in order for me to sense your presence and I will long for none by my side but you.
God, just as you lead me here, you will lead me back.
I am waiting for you to take my hand and lead me.


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