Our Three Lost Boys

17 Jun

My heart is breaking and my head is heavy. I feel like I could shatter into a thousand pieces at any second. I feel like the entire am is howling like a wounded animal; in shock, in disbelief, in hope and in despair.

Our sons have been snatched from us. Three innocent boys, on the cusp of adulthood; looking forward to a summer of lazy days at the pool or on the beach, with their families, with their friends were snatched. Snatched in a twisted cynical game of power. 

Overnight, the nation has stood up reunited against its vicious enemy; the enemy of evil and we have momentarily forgotten our differences; a child is a child, kippa or no kippah, settlement or no settlment and a Jewish child is our child. We have cried together and prayed together and we have renewed our determination to fight together because, with all of our differences we agree that ‘יש גבול’- there is a limit.

I cannot help but wonder whether through our lack of conviction and our refusal to understand God’s role in all of this has caused us to be weak, to cut deals rather than holding fast. Our politicians focus on short-term successes and  we are still paying the heavy price for the disasters of our abandonment of Gaza and the Schalit deal. We have shown our enemies that we are weak, that we fear too much and trust in God too little and our enemies thereby gain a foothold. Their foothold allowed them to pierce the heart of the am.

I pray to God to continue to strengthen us, and to give strength to those who cry out to Him in the darkness of their fears. I pray that God should lead the way to the geula and that we should not need grief and pain to connect with him, our hands clasped in unity.

I pray we should find our lost children and they should return home unharmed.The pain of mothers and fathers over their lost children pales in comparison to God’s pain when his nation turns away from Him, in the blind belief that they can manage things on their own.





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