How much are we willing to admit we are wrong?

11 Sep

Life is a card game….we are given a hand of cards and as life goes on, cards get exchanged and new ones get added.

But some of us will hold on to our hand as if our life depended on it…forgetting that within seconds, our luck could change anyway. Yes, our hand is important, but it’s temporary.

How much are we willing to throw in the hand of cards, to free ourselves of all of the things we rely on, depend on, can’t do without? How willing are we to let the Dealer give us the next hand?

God is constantly asking us to revise and review. Nothing is ours, nothing is a given. What is fact today will become fiction tomorrow. What is relevant now will become outdated maybe even before it goes public. We live on shifting sands.

God demands that we admit our mistakes, God demands that we change and grow, God wants us to stop clinging on to things that don’t belong to us.


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