Moletai and a poem

30 Aug

Having read an incredibly powerful piece written by a Lithuanian from the town of Molotai who tries to come to terms with his town’s dark history (read it, it’s worth it!) I wrote a poem about national conscience and the holocaust.

Here it is:

How do you clean the blood?


How do you clean  the blood?

That’s congealed

Under  fingernails

Between teeth

Lodged in a soul

Smudged in the crevices

Of a conscience

That denies its own existence?


Do you pinch your nostrils

At the rotten stench

Fasten blinkers

And  vainly blacken the etched image

Of bodies piled in a pit?

Or speak empty words

To seemingly quieten the screams

That seep into your dreams?


Do you delude yourselves

That years going by will cleanse

That darkening stain

Of blood

That feeds the roots of virgin trees?


Do you dream that forgetfulness forgives?


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