About Insearchofdivinity

My life is a journey in search of truth. As I grow older I feel I know and understand less but here is what I know:

1. There is a God in the world, a God of Israel who loves me as a parent loves a child and who is intimately involved in every facet of my life.

2.God is hard at work bringing all of the nations of the world to geulah (redemption); and this geulah is on our doorstep (we just have to open the door!!)

3.God is speaking to us every day and every hour. Prayer is a two-way conversation and if we listen inside of our hearts we can hear Him.

I am not looking at knocking religion for the sake of my own smugness, I am looking at unpeeling the onion and discovering the truth inside of myself.


One Response to “About Insearchofdivinity”

  1. Eddie October 7, 2012 at 4:11 am #

    Hi There,

    I have just found your blog. I haven’t read very much of it at all yet, but I have a strong feeling that I am in a similar place to you.

    I too believe we can have heaven on earth (peace amongst all people) and it is completely in our hands. We just have to evolve a little and grow in consciousness.

    We live too much in fear…. a thinking that involves an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. Personally, I believe we are all in this together (including all the nations of the world). God created us all and all humanity is made in the image of God. Sometimes we like to think that WE are special, that God loves OUR people more… if we can just be more pure… God would save us.

    In reality, I think our ultimate mistake is the belief in an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. I don’t think that it is accidental that the cardinal sin of idolatry is often referred to in the Torah as following the ‘Gods of others’. I don’t believe the sin is about following Gods that other people follow. There IS only one God, so there is no real threat of these supposed other Gods. No, I believe we are being instructed not to fall prey to the idea of ‘others’ (giving power to such an idea and worshiping that idea). This is the power that allows us to fall into the trap of us vs. them mentality. Once this exists, we have an ‘us’ that we need to protect and a ‘them’ that we need to fight.

    It is my hope that we will learn to see the world as it is. That the same God that made me, made the person next to me… and He made us both in His image. If we want Shalom, (peace), what we need is the root of that word (Shalem, which means ‘wholeness’). God tells us to be united (to be whole/complete, not made up of separate parts), He tells us to love the stranger, He tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We’ll get there in the end. The only question is how much pain we have to go through before we learn our lesson.

    Sorry, if that was a bit preachy. I just want to let you know, that I’m on board with the search for peace and the time when we will all feel the love of God.

    Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for writing this blog. Please keep writing — I intend to follow along. Hopefully, you won’t mind me tagging along for the journey in search of truth.

    Best wishes.


    P.S. As you get to know me from my comments, and I get to know you from reading your blog, assuming we are indeed like-minded, please consider sharing your e-mail address with me — I’d like someone I can share ideas with. No rush for this.

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